Our team

About us

"Antonyan project" LLC was founded in 2007 by Jenya Hovhannisyan. The company is engaged in the design and construction of residential, public and industrial buildings.
The working team, consisting of experienced and knowledgeable specialists in modern programs, strives to come up with innovative suggestions and creative optimal solutions. Many years of experience and teamwork make it possible to solve problems of any complexity and to carry out projects in a short time.

We have implemented more than 1800 working projects not only in the Republic of Armenia, but also abroad.
The company provides and realizes the following services:

  • design works (projects)
  • consultations 
  • architectural supervision. 

Design work begins with the creation of the concept of buildings, installation in the land, taking into account the terrain and the existing architectural environment.
The developer is provided with exterior views of the structure, design solutions, constructive optimal systems, calculations of seismic resistance of structures and a number of other circumstances, as a result of which more durable, earthquake-resistant and profitable projects of buildings are obtained.
Implementation of architectural supervision ensures accurate execution of construction works, according to the project and the regulatory and technical requirements of the documents. It is carried out at all stages of construction, discussions are held with the contractor and developer of the construction . Additional detailed discussions and changes in the projects, if necessary, are held on the issues and suggestions that arose during the construction.